Luogo - Museum


Where PIAZZA S. PANTALEONE, 25, Alcara Li Fusi (Messina)

It based in the rooms of the ancient Benedictine monastery (1559). Opened in June 2003, the Museum offers an exhibition of about 350 square meters, on two levels, with different sections. At the first level, they are exposed small wooden works, on which stands the alabaster "Madonna and Child". In the second section they will find paintings of interest, including the Adoration of the Magi (G. Tomasi, 1667), the Madonna between the SS. Andrea, Benedict and Placido (S. Rivelli, 1788) and the St. Franci's Ecstasy (anonymous seventeenth century). In the third section are grouped works from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century: a Medieval crucifix extremely refined, and the board "The Madonna between St. Sebastian and St. Francis" (XVI century), from the Antonello da Messina's school. At the second level, the section consists of a large collection of liturgical vestments belonging to the parish, and silver furniture.

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