Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di San Gerlando (Duomo)

Where Via Duomo, 114, Agrigento

Cathedral is located in the highest part of Girgenti hill and was rebuilt several times between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It was dedicated to St. Gerlando in 1305, when it was rebuilt by the bishop. It presents different styles, while maintaining its imposing size made up of the large bell tower designed by Giovanni Montaperto in 1470, next to the facade. On the bell tower are obvious references Plateresque decorative , with blind windows and the coat of arms of Montaperto. Inside, vast nave is supported by side Medieval columns restored in Bbaroque style. Interesting Bbaroque stucco presbytery, dating from the seventeenth century. From the Cathedral you can access the Diocesan Museum and the Treasure, while the bell tower is accessed Coretto of Canons and Archives of the Chapter. A curiosity is the phenomenon of the "spokesman": anyone in the presbytery can hear what is being said at the entrance and back, a distance of 85 meters.


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