Luogo - Archaeological Area

Archi dell’acquedotto romano di Aquae Statiellae

Where Corso Bagni, Acqui Terme (Alessandria)

The Roman aqueduct is located just outside the town of Acqui Terme and is one of the most characteristic elements of the landscape. The construction of the Roman aqueduct dating back to the early Imperial period (first century AD). Are preserved currently two large sections of the original structure, consisting respectively of seven eight pylons masonry with a quadrangular base, to a height of about 15 meters. The pylons hold arches, lowered (now there are four), the top of which is located the pipe above the water flow. It is one of the more meaningful examples of Roman aqueduct entire northern Italy. The route runs for a total length of about 12 km, from the catchment area situated in the Lagoscuro to the edge of the Bormida river, with a difference in height of about 50 meters. In the first section, the track is almost entirely underground, consists of a pipe with a rectangular section, plastered or covered with earthenware and covered by a barrel vault. In the final part it was instead made the grandiose construction in high.

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