Luogo - Archaeological Area

Sito archeologico della Piscina romana

Where Palazzo Valbusa: Corso Bagni, 12, Acqui Terme (Alessandria)

The large swimming pool is part of a vast thermal complex dating back to the Imperial age, whose remains have been identified at Bagni Course. Found in 1913 during construction of the new porches, the structure was only partially explored before being partially ingound and partly incorporated in the new building. Further excavations carried out in the 70s showed the presence of other significant structures, parts of a bath complex to the north. This complex occupied a considerable area, but is largely hidden from the area in the modern age. The bathtub, carved directly into the rock and closed by a massive perimeter wall of stone flakes, was accessible on all sides, flanked by a large corridor. The swimming pool, supplied by water from the "Boiling" spring, was covered at once and held the big steam bath, artificially heated environment in which to take hot baths. The pool was finished with quality materials: bottom and steps with white marble tiles and stained from Greece or Minor Asia.


Saturday and Sunday 3:30/5:30 pm.

Piscina romana c
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