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Where Via Umberto, Zungri (Vibo Valentia)

Zungri is located at 571 meters on the sea level, on the north of the Poro Plateau, a few kilometers from Pizzo Calabro and Tropea. As for the origin of the name, the researchers attribute to Zungri a Greek origin, meaning "rock", "tufa", "cliffs", naming compatible with the morphological characteristics of the area, characterized by the presence of banks in arenariae and badlands. The first documents date back to 1310. A number of studies have found that the area of the town of Zungri was already inhabited in Prehistoric times, continuously in Magnogreca and Roman time. Elements of nature geo-historical nature allow to hypothesize that Zungri was formed between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, the evolution and transformation of an ancient settlement newly discovered cave. It was established City in 1811, and destroyed several times by earthquakes (in particular in 1638, 1783 and 1905).

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