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Where Zungri (Vibo Valentia)

Small town in province of Vibo Valentia, whose name derives from Greek word tsougkrì, “hill”, with probable reference to the Poro plateau. The first records that document the existence of Zungri dates back to 1310. Several studies have shown that the area was already inhabited in Prehistoric times continuously Magnogreco and Roman period. Elements of geo-historical suggest that town itself was formed between twelfth and fourteenth century by the evolution of ancient Rock Settlement of Sbariati, with typical cave-dwellings carved into the living rock. Until 1806 Zungri follows feudal fortunes of Casale Mesiano. Municipality was established in 1811. Zungri was destroyed several times by earthquakes, especially in 1638, 1783 and 1905. Among the main points of interest to visit, Baron Pisani Palace; several churches including Church of Our Lady and Lady of Snow’s Church; ancient Roman Villa known as "Trisulina Cave" (in fraction Papaglionti).

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