Luogo - Museum

Fondazione Istituto di Belle Arti e Museo Leone

Where Via Verdi, 30, Vercelli

Thanks to the notary Camillo Leone’s (1830-1907) love of his land and passion for art, on 1910 was founded the Museum dedicated to him, a place keeping the history of Vercelli territory. Aged 40, Leone is the unique successor of a considerable patrimony which allows him to quite completely devote to the care and growth of his collection of antiques from the ancient times till ‘800. This collection reflects the notary’s mission: to preserve the historical memories of Vercelli and to reconstruct human through documents and artifacts. The museum consists of two houses: the 16th cent. Casa Alciati and the 18th cent. Palazzo Langosco, both connected by a building designed in 1939 under the events organized for Mussolini’s visit in Vercelli.

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