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Spending a Weekend in one of the Art Cities of Italy: the top 5 destinations

Written by Redazione , 18/10/19

Undecided about what to do during the weekends in autumn and for the All Saints Day Holiday? ViaggiArt recommends the top 5 destinations for a weekend in one of the Art Cities of Italy: Florence, Rome, Venice, Palermo and Naples are perfect to explore when you are in search of art exhibitions and original insights.

Walking around the Bel Paese: 1 weekend in the 5 Cities of Art

Those who choose to spend a weekend in one of Art Cities in Italy hardly ever regret their decision: two or three days of full immersion are enough in one of the historical centers of the capitals of art to regenerate and immerse yourself in this beauty at a reasonable cost. It is important to take advantage of the initiatives given by the MiBACT that provide reduced or free admissions such as: "Sundays at the Museum", and other off season accommodation offers.

There is plenty to choose from! ViaggiArt has selected the top 5 destinations where Italian art reigns and where one can plan to spend a pleasant weekend alone, as a couple or with the whole family. You can pass your time visiting various exhibitions and exploring the most beautiful places of our cultural heritage - which, by the way, are all UNESCO sites.

Two days in Florence, in the "Culla del Rinascimento"

Two days are not enough to devote toFlorence, but it is possible to plan a concentrated tour of things to see and do in one of the most beautiful Art Cities in Italy.

The main difficulty consists precisely in concentrating the places you want to visit in a short time: the first thing we suggest is to limit the radius of your visit to the area of the historical center and to the wonders found at Piazza Duomo and Piazza delle Signoria.

In addition to the must-see sites such as: the Uffizi, the Academy and the Cathedral, it is also worthwhile to pay a visit to the other central and easily accessible "gems": from the extraordinary collections of Palazzo Pitti and its gardens (Boboli) to the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, passing through the small but precious Brancacci Chapel and the Museum of San Marco where you will find frescoes by Beato Angelico.

If your weekend in the Art Cities of Italy is romantic one, then  we suggest that you enjoy a stroll on the Ponte Vecchio and the Lungarni at sunset.  You will encounter a picturesque panorama of the historical center from the Piazzale Michelangelo terrace.

Weekend in the "Eternal City”

Rome is always Rome! If we talk about weekends in the Art Cities of Italy, the eternal capital is surely part of the Top 5.

How can we get the most out of Rome’s immense beauty in a single weekend? Our suggestion is to explore it with guided themed tours and alternative means.

The Vespa tour of Rome, for example, is a fun and clever way to admire the city's main attractions without getting caught in traffic.

Usually this service always includes a guide that accompanies the "motorcycle tourists" to discover the historical center of Rome and its most famous places just like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn did in a  perfect “Vacanze Romane" style.

Those who prefer to travel around Rome by bike can do so by renting one of the many bicycles available at low prices in the historical center, and concentrating, perhaps, on an overview of the limited traffic areas, such as the characteristic Trastevere district and the areas along the central loop of the Tiber.

Love in Venice!

On the list of the weekends in the Art Cities of Italy, you definitely cannot miss the most romantic one of all: a weekend in Venice, in fact, is what the perfect prescription for an unforgettable romantic getaway.

The off season (autumn and spring) is the ideal time of the year to visit the "Serenissima" and enjoy its artistic beauty and the exhibitions of the moment without having to wait on monstrous lines or find yourself trapped amongst group trips.

Venice is the undisputed queen of Italian art due to its urban peculiarities and immense heritage. It is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is all a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Exploring the Baroque through the streets of Palermo

Palermo, the Arab-Norman city par excellence, welcomes us for a weekend of art and culture that will leave us breathless.

What is there to see in Palermo for a weekend? Let it be known that the city is a mix of cultures, traditions and flavors: our best advice is to literally “lose yourself" among the liveliness of its historic center while abandoning yourself to the aromas, voices and gastronomic tastes that are attractive. All of this wonder is surrounded by Arab domes , theaters, baroque churches, historic markets and Liberty palaces.

There are many thematic itineraries available that are accompanied by local guides who will be able to direct you through the best traditions and culture of Palermo DOC.

If you go to see Naples and then …

... you will dying to return! On the list of the top destinations for a weekend in the Art Cities of Italy, you cannot miss the Neapolitan capital.

The ideal starting point to begin our tour is Piazza Dante which we can reach from via Toledo and then take the initial part of the ancient lower decuman, which is known as Spaccanapoli.

Spaccanapoli is the road that crosses the entire historical center. This means that it passes through many places of interest in the city such as: the Monastery of Santa Chiara - one of the obligatory stops of the artistic visit -  the must-see San Gregorio Armeno which is the historical road made up of nativity scenes, and a visit to the San Severo Chapel which is home to the extraordinary Veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sammartino.

How can we end our weekend in Naples with dignity? On the promenade of Mergellina, which in turn rich is an artistic attraction containing many picturesque landscapes such as the Villa Comunale and Castel Dell’Ovo.

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