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Arenzano, between magic and peace

Written by Redazione , 12/09/19

Let's take a brief look at a city that could be called “magical", if only for its charming places. This territory is located on the coast of the western Ligurian Riviera and is known for its coastline.  It is also conceals - in its interior - fairytale scenarios and historic buildings

Taking a walk along the Fabrizio De Andre boardwalk

It is truly an emotion that is difficult to describe in words. It is a unique place that is full of atmosphere. It is approximately an 11 kilometer walk - almost always on flatlands. This journey from Arenzano to Varazze runs along the old railway, between tunnels and passages that overlook the sea. This walk is definitely recommended at sunset because the sun seems to kiss everything: the shore, the trees and even the road. A bike path created using the old railway is the background for those who love traveling with two wheels. It is surely a  pleasant and peaceful path where you can relax and have a drink with friends. You must also take a peak at the painted murals along the way.

But Arenzano is not only this. It also contains culture and elegance that are hidden in its secular churches and villas that come from other times which belonged to noble families. It is hidden in impervious and magnificent places such as: Lake Tina or the Basilica of Baby Jesus of Prague.

[Alessandro Vecchi/Wikipedia]

Lake Tina, between magic and peace

Let's start with Beigua Park which is a spectacular balcony formed by mountains that overlook the sea. It is a paradise that includes prairies, forests of beech, oak and chestnut trees, pine forests and strips of Mediterranean vegetation. It is a picturesque mosaic of nature; a cradle of biodiversity.

It is a place where ponds and small waterfalls meet. The scenic Lake Tina also defined as "a black diamond” - is home to an extravagant waterfall. It is a place where the soul finds peace and silence is prevalent among the weary thoughts of its passerby’s.

The Park of Arenzano and Villa Negrotti Cambiaso

In Arezzano we can also find the Park of Arenzano, whose denomination officially is Parco Comunale Villa Sauli Pallavicino. This place can be considered - rightfully so -  one of the most cared for parks in Liguria.

Inside the park you can find Villa Negrotto Cambiaso which is a building that dates back to the late nineteenth century. It is located in the central part. It is now the headquarters of the Municipality of Arenzano and owes its name to its ancient owner, namely the Marquise Matilda Negrotto Cambiaso.

Crossing the main path of the villa you can enjoy - not only a splendid view of the building - but also the liberty style that it has perfectly maintained in its ancient splendor.

It is also possible to visit the majestic garden of the villa which was designed by the famous architect Luigi Rovelli and who has many majestic works in Liguria. An architect who, among other things, renovated the same villa giving it the appearance of a castle while following the guidelines of an English garden: he introduced beautiful ponds that today house swans, water turtles, streams and waterfalls.

In the park there are many colorful peacocks, a majestic specimen of cedar from Lebanon, and many species of plants, many of which are rare.

The Fruit of Devotion for Baby Jesus

Among the many religious buildings located in the city, we also find the Basilica of The Baby Jesus of Prague which is a building that dates back to the beginning of the last century. It is the result of the inhabitants' devotion to The Baby Jesus of Prague.

According to some local sources it dated back to 1628, the year in which the Prague princess Polissena Lobkowitz offered a wax statue depicting Baby Jesus to the Discalced Carmelites. It is an artistic and welcoming place of great spirituality: inside we find several works by the artist Angelo Biancini and the ceramic nativity scene by Eliseo Salino.

Among the scenes depicted you all find episodes from the life of Mary such as: the Marriage and the Encounter with Saint Elizabeth; as well as moments from the life of Jesus including the Birth and His childhood next to Saint Joseph.

The organ within the Basilica deserves to be mentioned without a doubt: it is a wind instrument built in 1947 which has 47 registers on three manuals and a pedal.

[Davide Papalini/Wikipedia]

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Arenzano is a coastal town and comune in the province of Genoa, Liguria, Italy. As of 2007, it has a population of 11,568. This varies a lot during the holiday...

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