Serravalle Pistoiese

Serravalle Pistoiese, (Pistoia)
Serravalle Pistoiese is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Pistoia in the Italian region Tuscany, located about 35 kilometres (22 mi) northwest of Florence and about 8 kilometres (5 mi) southwest of Pistoia.HistoryThe original settlement consisted of two cones, those of S. Maria and Nievole, the fortress was built by the New Lucchesi in 1302. Casttrum of talking in an old inventory of the assets of the town of Pistoia dated around 1380, this document is listed in the Castrum Serravallis cum walls turribus September muratis circumcirca et cum duabus januis.Main sightsChurch of San Michele Arcangelo. It houses a 14th-century Miracle of St. Blaise and a triptych with Madonna Enthroned with Child and Saints (1438), by Bartolomeo di Andrea Bocchi.Barbarossa (Lombard) TowerChurch of Santo StefanoOratory of San Rocco e San Sebastiano, with fragment of 14th-century fresco decorationChurch of St. Peter, in the frazione of Casalguidi. It houses some 16th-century paintings.Rocca Nuova, or Rocca di Castruccio, a medieval castle.ReferencesExternal linksOfficial websiteProloco official website

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