Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Verdi

Where Piazza Matteo Luciani, 44, Salerno

Giuseppe Verdi Theater is a nineteenth century wooden structure, with four tiers of boxes and a gallery. Work began in 1864, to be completed with the inauguration on April 15, 1872, with Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi. The dedication to Verdi came only to the composer's death in 1901. Theater suffered enormous damage during the Irpinia earthquake in 1980. Through the three arches of the portico you access a system of stairs that flow into the main vestibule. In the foyer, the center of an exedra where niches with statues alternate with faux marble decorated stucco columns, there is the painted plaster statue of Pergolesi Morente, by Giovanni Battista Amendola. While recovering scaled horseshoe as San Carlo Theater in Naples, the curve of the audience has a more elongated shape. Original curtain of great artistic and cultural value, represents an important historical event, Expulsion of Saracens, by Domenico Morelli.

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