Luogo - Park

Villa Comunale

Where Via Roma, Salerno

Civic Garden was designed in 1870 at the entrance of the city. There is famous Fountain of Tullio. After a period of neglect, in 1997 was made a botanical and architectural restoration particularly prestigious, curated by architect Enrico Auletta, which saw green expansion, the addition of new Mediterranean plants and the restoration of central fountain and other monuments. It was decided, in addition, the redesign of the avenues, the recovery of ancient wrought iron benches and installation of a radio system that accompanies the walks. Garden has long been home to several events: in April there is traditional "Minerva Exhibition", a market-exhibition of rare plants and garden furniture; during weekends hosts conferences, courses and workshops on the world of plants, as well as guided tours. In winter is transformed into "Enchanted Garden", with light installations of famous event Luci d'Artista.

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