Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Fruscione

Where Vicolo Adelberga, Salerno

Palace, begun in the thirteenth century, rests partly on the ruins of a thermal complex of Imperial times and is set next to arechiana court. Its owner was probably the doctor Salerno Giovanni da Procida. Fruscione Palace houses the remains of Norman building consists of at least two floors and two buildings with different levels. The building houses three orders characterized by valuable architectural elements. The eastern facade is on the ground floor of three portals by round arches with inlays in gray and yellow stone, the first floor five carved mullioned windows, one of which preserves a decoration painted in red depicting the rings intertwined, and the second floor a series braided polifore characterized by pointed arches supported by columns. During the restoration works we have been found traces of the walls of Imperial era, mosaics and frescoes of the second century. Today the building is home to several cultural events and exhibitions.

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