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Museo di Etnografia e Folklore Raffaele Corso

Where Via Felice Battaglia, Palmi (Reggio Calabria)

The Museum, located on the ground floor of the House of Culture "Leonida Repaci", is considered one of the main ethno-anthropological museums in the South of Italy. The exhibition takes visitors on a typological-theme journey focused mainly on objects of popular Calabrian tradition. Sections focused the seasons, folk art, agricultural and marine life, superstition and religiosity. Stand apotropaic masks, costumes, agricultural tools, spindles, cake pans, cribs, votive wax, thistles and crowns of thorns used by "vattienti" of Nocera Terinese (CZ) during the rite of Holy Saturday. Of note, the pair of giants, Mata and Grifone. The exhibition is fully supported by information panels and photographs.

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