Luogo - Religious building

Cappella degli Scrovegni


Scrovegni Chapel (also known as Arena or Annunciation) is located in historic center of Padova and houses a renowned cycle of frescoes by Giotto in the early fourteenth century, considered one of the masterpieces of western art. Since 2006, Scrovegni Chapel is a candidate to become the second place in the city of UNESCO World Heritage after the sixteenth century Botanical Garden. Dedicated to Virgin Mary, the chapel was built by Enrico Scrovegni, wealthy banker. The space looks frescoed on all four walls. Pictorial cycle, focused on the theme of Salvation, begins from the line at the top Triumphal Arc, continues with Stories of Joachim and Anna (the first register, south wall), Stories of Mary (the first register, north wall), review Triumphal Arc with scenes of Annunciation and Visitation, which follow the life of Christ (second register, the south and north walls), who continue, after a passage Triumphal Arc (Betrayal of Judas), the third register, south and north walls. The last scene of sacred history is Pentecost. Just below you open the fourth register with the monochromes of the vices (north wall) and monochromes of the virtues (south wall). The west wall (or counter) bears magnificent Last Judgement.

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