Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Comunale di Padova (Palazzo Moroni)

Where Via VIII Febbraio, 8, Padova

Town Hall (or Palazzo Moroni), is an imposing building complex consists of buildings "palaces" of various periods linked together, where the thirteenth century is municipal offices of the city of Padua. The group includes famous Palazzo della Ragione, which until the end of the eighteenth century functioned as a tribunal, Tower and Palace of Elders and Palazzo del Podestà. During Venetian name all the buildings, which had originated in the eleventh century, was called Praetorian Palace. The main facade stands on an elegant loggia of trachyte and white stone, supported by columns of Proconnesus marble ending in two splendid Carolingian capitals and decorated with the coats of arms of the city of Padua and the mayor. On the ground floor it is still present ancient apothecary "Ai due catini d'oro", one of the oldest active shops in the city. It was opened in the eighteenth century as a spice shop and passed current management in 1969 preserving the interior of 1841. Tower of Elders (eleventh century-XII century) was raised in 1295, while Palace of Elders was returned to its original forms in 30s. Palazzo del Podestà was built in the thirteenth century as the residence of representation. Monumental building, work by Peruzzi and Sammicheli, is a valuable sixteenth-century Venetian architecture testimony.

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