Luogo - Historical building

Piano nobile dello stabilimento Pedrocchi


Caffè Pedrocchi is a historical internationally renowned coffee, located in very heart of Padova, in Via VIII Febbraio nº 15. Open day and night since 1916 and therefore also known as "Coffee without doors", for over a century has been a prestigious meeting place frequented by intellectuals, students, academics and politicians. On February 8, 1848, injuring the inside of a university student gave way to some of the motions that characterize Italian Risorgimento and which are still remembered university official hymn, "Songs of joy". The main floor was built between 1826 and 1842 by Giuseppe Jappelli. The structure consists of a series of rooms, each furnished and decorated in order to recreate typical setting of a specific historical period. This achievement is in line with the nineteenth-century eclecticism, taste and interest for past styles.

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