Luogo - Religious building


Where Via dei Cappuccini, Ortona (Chieti)
The church is situated outside the town walls and today pertains to the cemetery. Its unadorned façade and the arcades ahead reveal that it belonged to the Franciscan Friars Minors, who moved here in the seventeenth century, as the date on the portal (1626) attests. The structure of the church is plain and bare, with three chapels on the left side. Inside it preserves a refined wooden high altar, above which in the past precious canvases overhung. The one in the middles, painted by Giovan Battista Spinelli in the mid seventeenth century, portrays the Virgin's coronation and is today kept inside the Town Museum. Above the high altar there is also a valuable wooden tabernacle carried out by the Capuchin brothers Maragoni and similar to others found in many Franciscan convents of the Abruzzi. The Father Superior Giovanni from Ascoli ordered it to the Maragoni in 1745 along with the altar, according to the history writer Filippo from Tussio.
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