Orroli, Nuraghe Arrubiu c
Archaeological Area

Nuraghe Arrubiu

Loc. Nuraghe Arrubiu, Orroli, (Cagliari)
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Thenuraghe Arrubiu rises on a basaltic plateau in the Sarcidano plain, dominatingthe Flumendosa river. It was called %u201Cthe red giant%u201D because is the biggestnuraghe of the island and is characterised by the presence of red lichens. Itis also the only nuraghe with pentalobed bastion, five towers built around acentral tower. The general plan is very complex for the presence, besides thecentral tower and the bastion, of a barbican with seven towers which enclosessome courtyards, and an outer wall with five towers. The village with manyround huts is all around.

The central tower, about 15m high, keeps aperfectly preserved tholos chamber (11m high). In one of the courtyardsthe archaeologists found the remains of a rainwater drainage canal and a well;in another courtyard they found a big hut, maybe the so-called %u2018meeting hut%u2019.

Thenuraghe Arrubiu, which dates back to the 14th century BC, was abandoned in the10th- 8th century BC because of the destruction of the upper part of thebastion. During the Roman age, from the 2nd century BC to the 5th century AD,two %u201Coenological laboratories%u201D were built on the top of the rubble, with stoneartefacts used to press grapes.


Partially accessible to disabled people.

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