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Museo Diocesano di Monopoli

Where Via Cattedrale, Ex Seminario Vescovile, Monopoli (Bari)
The Museum, adjacent to the Cathedral was established on 29th June 2002, in the former Episcopal Seminary, founded in 1668 by Bishop Joseph Cavalieri. Throughout the exhibition you trace the emerging political and cultural events that succeeded over the centuries in Monopoli, from the “Byzantine” past witnessed by the icon of the Madonna della Madia, the Swabian and Angevin period, the relations with the Aragonese in Naples to the strong bond that at least for two centuries, tied the city to Venice, to the cultural debt against the viceroy and later to the Kingdom of Naples. Paintings by Lazzaro Bastiani, Costantino da Monopoli, Francesco Vecellio, Paolo Veronese, Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Paolo Finoglio, Alessandro Fracanzano, Andrea Miglionico, Giambattista Lama are displayed. These are works are from a period ranging from 1400 to 1700 bound to Venice and to the Kingdom of Naples, because of historical events in the city of Monopoli. Also seen in the museum space: a precious reliquary (1000-1100), icons, Byzantine artistic heritage from the past, a wooden triptych of Campsa (1500), miniatures of Reginaldo de ’Pirano, a Portolan chart, manuscripts, antiphonaries, valuable liturgical objects, vestments, chalices, chrism jars and monstrance.
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