Museo Diocesano di Monopoli

Via Cattedrale, Ex Seminario Vescovile, Monopoli, (Bari)

The Museum, adjacent to the Cathedral was established on 29th June 2002, in the former Episcopal Seminary, founded in 1668 by Bishop Joseph Cavalieri. Throughout the...


Museo Archeologico della Cattedrale

Nicodemo Argento, 3, Monopoli, (Bari)

The Museum is located beneath the Baroque Cathedral and the exhibition takes place among the archaeological ruins. After the restoration of several rooms, some huts...


Museo del Mare

Largo Castello - Molo Margherita, Monopoli, (Bari)

The Museum in the Castle of Charles V of Monopoli was founded in 2010 in order to create a landmark for the city of Monopoli while protecting, preserving and exposing...