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Where Monghidoro (Bologna)

Monghidoro is part of Savena-Idice Commune Union. Because of its geographical position, which the writer Giordano Berti has defined as "Crossroads of Europe", over the centuries it has been a place of obligatory passage between Po Valley and central Italy. Among cultural assets present in the area,  isterna Cloister, that is what remains of Olivetan Monastery of Ramazzotto and Church of Santa Maria Assunta (1950-51) designed by the architect Luigi Vignali. Among natural resources, Alpe di Monghidoro is the mountain area that extends up to nearby Tuscany and which, according to local tradition, is inhabited by elves, spirit. From the top of Monte Oggioli, on clear days, you can admire a panorama that sweeps from Alps to Adriatic Sea. There is also a picnic area and a small adventure park that hosts a gastronomic festival during the August holidays. The culinary tradition is influenced by geographical influence of Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, with reworking of ingredients linked to the mountain farming tradition and the use of local products such as chestnuts, mushrooms and aromatic herbs.

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