Orologio Astronomico (Campanile del Duomo)

Piazza Duomo, 26, Messina

Astronomical Clock is part of the Cathedral of Messina. Integrated into the bell tower, it is the most characteristic element. It was built in 1933. The technique was...

Religious building

Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta

Piazza Duomo, 24, Messina

The first temple was built during the Empire of Justinian I (535). During the two centuries of Arab rule, the building will be transformed into a mosque. Between 1060...


Fontana di Orione

Piazza Duomo, Messina

Fountain of Orion is a monumental work by Fra' Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli (1507-1563), disciple of Michelangelo. It was built in 1553, carried out in collaboration...


Statua dell'Immacolata

Piazza Immacolata di Marmo, 7-13, Messina

City Patron by the will of the Senate of Messina from 1647, Patron of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and current Patron of Sicily, the Immaculate is honored by this...

Historical building

Palazzo Calapaj-d'Alcontres

Via San Giacomo, Messina

Eighteenth century building designed by anonymous author, is one of the few buildings survived the earthquake of 1908. A three orders, with maximum emphasis on the...


Museo Tesoro del Duomo

Via San Giacomo, 2, Messina

Inside the Basilica Sanctuary was made the Museum Annibale Di Francia, inaugurated in the Holy Year of 2000. Its originality consists of the reconstruction in scale...

Religious building

Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani

Via Castello a mare, Messina

Built between XII and XIII century under William the Good, on the remains of a pre-existing pagan temple dedicated to Neptune, was placed inside the walls of...


Monumento a Don Giovanni d'Austria

Via Cesare Battisti, 6, Messina

Work by Andrea Calamech, sculptor and architect from Carrara (1573), commissioned by the Senate of Messina in 1572, on the occasion of the victory in the Battle of...


Palazzetto Coppedè

Via Cardines, 2, Messina

Eclectic edifice attributed to architect Gino Coppedè. It is recognizable by the unmistakable eagle inserted in the railings of the balconies. Large tile with St....


Palazzo della Cultura (Palacultura)

Viale Boccetta, 373, Messina

Multifunctional Center consists of three buildings in which are placed an auditorium, an outdoor theater, a library and an exhibition center. Made and designed by...


Fontana Senatoria

Via Consolato del Mare, 37, Messina

It consists of a large circular basin with a central pillar that supports a large cup of 1619, itself topped by a pine cone. The basin is supported by three steps...


Museo Cultura e Musica Popolare dei Peloritani

Via Basiliani, Messina

The Museum "Culture and Popular Music of Peloritani", active since 1996, is set up as an exemplar for the conservation and use of a significant portion of the assets...