Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di San Frediano

Where Via dell'anguillara, 9, Lucca

Since the 6th century there was a religious building dedicated to the three saints Leviticus, Stefano and Lorenzo. In 1112 the church was rebuilt, which was consecrated in 1147. The facade (12th century) is in polished stone and presents on the top Mosaic on the Ascension of Christ between the angels and Apostles (13th-14th centuries). The bell tower was built at various times: the dark stone base dates back to the 12th century, while the tallest part of the stone was rebuilt in the 13th century. Despite numerous interventions, Medieval medieval aspect of Basilica is still preeminent: the three aisles are divided by bare columns imported from Rome, as well as the capitals that support archways in the sixth. The central nave is very high and is surmounted by a wooden ceiling truss. Basilica well represents the characteristics of Romanesque style in Lucca, also expressed in the sculpture of precious baptismal font (XII century). Among the chapels, Sant'Agostino (1506) was decorated by Amico Aspertini with evangelical themes, episodes of the life of the saint and subjects of local ecclesiastical history.

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