Luogo - Architecture

Museo storico della Liberazione (1943-1945)

Where Sant'Andrea, 43, Lucca

The Museum is currently closed, undergoing redevelopment elsewhere. Collects various materials relating to the War of Liberation in Lucca. The lobby shows the Russian campaign (1941-1943). The first room is a testament to the period 1938-1943. Contains documents related to the racial laws, uniform officer of the Italian Army, photographs of the destruction suffered by Italian cities, maps with the location of all the prison camps. The second room contains memorabilia and photographs of religious killed by the Nazis. The third room, the largest in the museum, presents numerous showcases in which are placed the relics of the Italian Liberation Corps and Allied Expeditionary Forces who participated in the liberation of Italy during the period 1943-1945, it set forth a rich collection of photographs. The fourth room, finally, shows the contribution of the citizens of Lucca to the liberation of the territory of the Distrect of Lucca.

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