Historical building

Galleria nazionale di palazzo Spinola

Piazza Pellicceria, 1, Genova

The edifice was constructed in 1593 as per the will of Francesco Grimaldi on the pre-existent Medieval foundations. Pier Paolo Rubens left us precious documentation...


Museo civico di Diano Marina

CORSO GARIBALDI, 60, Diano Marina, (Imperia)


Museo di scienze naturali "Don Bosco"

VIA DON BOSCO, 12, Alassio, (Savona)

The Natural Science Museum, located at the G. Bosco Institute of Alassio, was born in 1950 thanks to Don Giulio Mariti. The exhibition is divided into these sections:...


Pinacoteca Carlo Levi

Via Gramsci, 58, Alassio, (Savona)

The Carlo Levi Gallery is located at the seventeenth century Morteo Palace. Hosts a permanent exhibition of some works of the writer, who stayed in Alassio between...


Richard West memorial gallery

Viale hanbury, 17, Alassio, (Savona)

Established in 1907 as a venue exhibition of paintings by Richard West, remained open to the public until 1935. During the Second World War, the Gallery was closed...

Point of interest

Villa Grock

Via Fanny Roncati Carli, Imperia


Museo Paleontologico di Crocefieschi

VIA ALLA CHIESA, Crocefieschi, (Genova)

Point of interest

Ex Chiesa Anglicana - Centro Culturale Polivalente

Via Regina Vittoria., 4, Bordighera, (Imperia)


Museo Civico Andrea Tubino

PIAZZA CASTELLO, 2, Masone, (Genova)

Historical building

Palazzo ducale di Genova

Piazza Matteotti 9, 9, Genova

Office, since 1339, of the first Genoese Doge Simon Boccanegra, the palace was founded in 1291 thank's to the fusion among Abbot's Palace with adjoining Palazzo...