Point of interest


Piazza Era, Lecco

District of Lecco on the left bank of the Adda river. In the seventeenth century was a village where the inhabitants were granted the right to fish in the river...

Religious building

Chiesa dei Santi Materno e Lucia

Vicolo Fra Fazio, 3, Lecco

The Church of Saints Maternus and Lucia is located in the district of Pescarenico, in Lecco. It was the convent church of the Capuchin Monastery, made famous by...

Historical building

Palazzotto di Don Rodrigo

Via Allo Zucco, 3, Lecco

It has the background the St. Martin Mount. Built during the sixteenth century, it was built by the noble Arrigoni Introbio. Among the old owners there was a Count...

Point of interest


Piazza della Vittoria, 13, Lecco

District of the city of Lecco, which includes the northeastern outskirts of the city. Already in 1232 there was a nucleus, with its church and small mountain village,...

Point of interest

Rione Chiuso

Via del Sarto, 21, Lecco

Chiuso is the southernmost district of the city of Lecco, on the borders with Vercurago. For a long time, was a parish and an independent city, the end of the...

Point of interest


Via Caldone, 32A, Lecco

Olate is a district of Lecco, place in north-east of the city. For a long time it was a parish and an independent municipality, the end of communal autonomy dates...

Religious building

Chiesa dei Santi Vitale e Valeria

Via Caldone, 32A, Lecco

Known as the "Don Abbondio's Church" in the "The Betrothed", the Church of Saints Vitale and Valeria is situated in the namesake square of the district of Olate,...