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Museo dell'Ambiente (Storia della Scienza e della Natura)

Where Via per Monteroni, Centro Ecotekne, Lecce
"The Museum for the Environment is a reference point for research, formation, and documentation on environmental matter, other than for the safeguard and conservation of scientific historic instruments coming from the Salento territory. The M.E. proposes a 1000 squaremetres area for exhibitions, and it has spaces for offices, a study hall, a gallery for collection conservation, a laboratory for the preparation. Five points are collocated along the didactic path of the exhibition spaces with the possibility to access to a informatic platform which allows the consultation of the collection catalogue, and those of a photographic herbarium, and of the Department Library. The M.E. is associated to laboratory researches where an intense research activity is carried on in the fields of Geology, Paleontology, and Climatology of the Salento geographic Area. Its aim is also to preswerve the scientific instrumental patrimony of the territory. A great importance is given to temporary exhibitions, in different parts and localities in the region. At moment the M.E. is under re-storation. Its re-opening is foreseen for the Autumn (October) 2012Al momento il Museo è in ristrutturazione e si prevede una sua riapertura in autunno (Ottobre 2012)."
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