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Where Lauria (Potenza)
Lauria is a city and comune of Basilicata, Italy, in the province of Potenza, situated near the borders of Calabria. It is a walled town on the steep side of a hill with another portion in the plain below. History The original nucleus of the city appeared probably in the 10th century, near the place where later the Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Armo was edificated. The Castle, later attributed to Roger of Lauria, was built by Saracens. In the 12th century Lauria was the seat of a Norman fief, which was held by Gibel and then by his son Richard of Lauria, who died in the battle of Benevento on 1266. His son Roger of Lauria was a famous admiral of the 13th century. In 1806 the city was destroyed and the population slaughtered by the French soldiers under general André Masséna, as punishment for having supported the Bourbon kings. Main sights The remains of the Castle (13th century) The Sanctuary of the Assunta The Mother Church of St. Nicholas The church of St. James (15th century) The Convent of Immacolata (16th century), with a noteworthy cloister Fractions Acqua delle Donne, Alte Coste, Borgo Seluci, Bivio Seluci, Canicella, Cavallo, Cerase, Cesinelle, Cogliandrino, Gremile, Galdo, Fabbricato, Iacoia, Iacoia di Sotto, Madonna del Carmine, Malfitano, Mazzarella, Melara - Ovo della Vacca, Montegaldo, Pecorone, Piano Cataldo, Piano della Menta, Piano Focara, Pietraferrata, Piscitella, Prestieri, Rosa, Rosa di Sotto, Rosa Molino, Santa Barbara, Santa Filomena, San Giuseppe, Santa Lucia, Seluci, Serino, Seta, Taverna del Postiere, Timparossa, Timpone di Seluci. Transport Lauria is not served by a near airport, anyway the nearest airport is Salerno-Pontecagnano Airport 129 kilometres (80 mi) from Lauria. Other airports are Lamezia Terme Airport and Napoli-Capodichino. Notable people Roger of Lauria - admiral Rocco Papaleo - actor, film director and singer Giovanni Pittella - politician References This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press.
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