Point of interest

Piazza Ferruccio Nazionale

Piazza Ferruccio Nazionale, 15, Ivrea, (Torino)

Piazza Ferruccio Nazionale (formerly "Square of the Palace") is the main town square in Ivrea, located in the ancient village. On the Square facing a former hospital,...


Laboratorio Museo Tecnologicamente

Piazza San Francesco d'Assisi, 4, Ivrea, (Torino)

The Lab-Museum "Tecnologic@mente" was created with the intent to tell a part of Italian industrial history, giving great space to the production of "Olivetti". Is...


Museo civico "Pier Alessandro Garda"

Piazza Ottinetti, 18, Ivrea, (Torino)

The Civic Museum "Pier Alessandro Garda" is housed in the Monastery of St. Clare. It consists of an Archaeological Section and Collections of Oriental Art and Croff:...


Associazione Archivio storico Olivetti

c/o Villa Casana - Parco di Montefiorito, Via Miniere, Ivrea, (Torino)

The Association Historical Archive "Olivetti" was founded in 1998 on the initiative of the company "Olivetti" in order to promote the collection, reorganization,...

Religious building

Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta

Vicolo San Savino, 2, Ivrea, (Torino)

Ivrea Cathedral, dedicated to St. Mary Assumption, stands on a hill, in the old part of the city, near the Castle. Its long history is evidenced by the presence of...


Castello di Ivrea

Via San Savino, Ivrea, (Torino)

Place in the upper part of the city, near the Cathedral, the Castle of Ivrea (or "Castle with Red Towers") was built starting in 1358 by order of Amedeo VI of Savoy,...

Historical building

Torre di Santo Stefano

Corso Re Umberto, 18, Ivrea, (Torino)

The Tower of St. Stephen was the bell tower of the eleventh century Benedictine abbey. Little is known about the original structure of the complex: the abbey was...

Archaeological Area

Anfiteatro romano di Ivrea

Corso Vercelli, Ivrea, (Torino)

The Roman Amphitheatre in Ivrea (ancient Epodrea) dates back to the first century AD and it's assumed could accommodate abuot ten to fifteen thousand spectators. From...