Museo e Conservatorio di Musica Popolare della Calabria

Corso Tommaso Campanella, 2, Isca sullo Ionio, (Catanzaro) Tempo di lettura: meno di 1 minuto

The Museum is located at the Popular Music Conservatory of Calabria "Antonio Procopio", managed by ARPA. It is a large collection of traditional instruments, all working in their variety from Aspromonte to Pollino. On display are more than 60 pieces, divided into four main sections: instruments aerophones, chordophones membranophones and idiophones, arranged in an exhibition that is also a journey into the Calabrian popular music, supported by a rich iconographic archive. Particularly important are the Library and Media Library, with a vast catalog documenting traditional festivals, rituals, music, musicians and instruments of Calabria.

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