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Borgo di Badolato

Where Badolato (Catanzaro)

Badolato is a picturesque medieval village from the Ionian coast, perched on a hill 240 meters above sea level. The Byzantine urban system preserves churches, historic buildings and ancient granite portals. The origins of the fortified village dating from the time of Robert the Guiscard (1080), when the castle was built. Fief of various noble families (Ruffo, Di Francia, Toraldo, Ravaschieri, Pinelli and Pignatelli), Badolato became an important religious landmark, frequented by Basilian, Franciscans and Dominicans monks, who formed many confraternities, still operating. The village of Badolato has become famous for the idea of "village for sale": the alienation and restructuring of many abandoned houses that, over the years, have attracted people from all over the world. Currently, in the village live 600 families, many of Kurdish origin, integrated permanently after landing 90s. For several years, thanks to the collaboration of the singer Piero Pelù, the village is the center of a major summer music event, the "Tarantella Power": week of ethnic Mediterranean music, during which it can admire the Night face of Badolato, with the ancient piggeries lit and the characteristic "catoi" (cellars) open to the public exhibition of handicrafts.

* Vito Teti, Il senso dei luoghi. Paesi abbandonati di Calabria, Roma, 2004
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