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Puglia, among the most beautiful destinations in the world

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The New York Times crowns Puglia as the destination of 2019. The heel of Italy's boot takes 18th place on the prestigious list of the 52 Places to Go. 

Puglia is THE Destination of 2019

Every week of the year, this destination can be a dreamland. Only two Italian destinations are considered among the most beautiful destinations in the world in 2019: Liguria is also ranked 25th with its Golfo Paradiso.

But in first place - in regards to Italian destinations - we find Puglia awarded by the New York Times, with its rich "beaches and baroque" - as the historical newspaper recounts - a land of ancient fortified farms which are being increasingly transformed into boutique hotels" and that preserves a millenary wine culture.

Negroamaro, Primitivo and Nero di Troia are the most renowned Apulian natives and are exported all over the world, but it is not just the wine that makes Puglia a dreamland.

Beaches and Baroque in Puglia

The Apulian coastline offers spectacular beaches: from the white and sandy ones of the Maldives of Salento to a complete opposite type with rocky and jagged coastlines located in Bari, up to the hidden coves among the greenery of Gargano.

From the breathtaking Apulian sea, we move on to the architectural wonders to discover the villages -  the real Baroque jewels -  contained especially in Salento. It is thanks to this precious Lecce stone that is clear and easily "mouldable" which gives light to these fairytale locations. 

You can begin the journey in Presicce to Martina Franca, and continue all the way up to Lecce, which preserves a great historical and cultural heritage, to the ancient farmhouses that populate the olive groves and the arid countryside which are circumscribed by characteristic dry-stone walls.

Puglia opens up its doors to international tourism in 2019 also, thanks to easier flight connections and new routes implemented by EasyJet, Air Italy and Transavia, and it is also an Italian destination for the Abercrombie & Kent cruise. 

Monopoli, Unique City

The New York Times chooses the port located in Monopoli for Puglia, which stands out on the cover of the famous newspaper. It is here that the ancient Messapian city is represented in the Adriatic - having a port which is protected by two piers - that of Margherita and the Tramontana dam, which sits at the foot of a rocky escarpment.

Here stands the monè polis, or better yet, the unique city, surrounded by walls and its two castles: the Castle of Charles V, surrounded by the sea on three sides -  a symbol of Monopoli which today houses the Municipal Archaeological Museum, and the Abbey of Santo Stefano - a coastal fortification located outside of the city.

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