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Where Guspini (Medio Campidano)
Guspini, Gùspini in sardinian language, is a town and comune of about 13,000 inhabitants in west Sardinia (Italy), in the province of Medio Campidano. It is 62 kilometres (39 mi) from the capital Cagliari and 14.6 kilometres (9.1 mi) from the railway station at San Gavino Monreale. Close to Guspini, at the mines of Montevecchio and Gennamari, galena and sphalerite were extracted in the past. Today the people at Guspini are concentrated on agriculture, on tourism and on smaller to middle enterprises. Close to Guspini are some well-built nuraghes and the Phoenician-Punic archaeological site of Neapolis. See also Montevecchio Arbus External links Unofficial page (Italian)
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