Luogo - Architecture

Museolab della città di Grosseto

Where VIA VINZAGLIO, 27, Grosseto

The Museum is housed in the monumental complex of the former convent of the Poor Clares (late sixteenth century). The laboratory was created to communicate the results of the archaeological survey conducted in the city center between 1998 and 2003. The project construction is divided into two phases: the first, provides a series of rooms, arranged chronologically, devoted to various periods the history of the city (from the late Renaissance to the Middle Ages). The second is methodological. The visitor is aware of the events through archaeological survey methods that are based on three channels of information: the work done by the archaeologist on the excavation, the testimony of what was found, and the activities of synthesis performed by the archaeologist interpreting data. The exhibition also uses extensively information technology. In the rooms there are reconstructions of scenes from everyday life documenting the social structure, economy and trade and material culture of the city of Grosseto.

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