Museo della Storia Locale Ildebrando Imberciadori

Ugurgeri, 3, Grosseto

The Museum was established by the will of the Administration Committee Separated Consumer Usage Civic Montepescali in order to pass on to future generations the...


Museolab della città di Grosseto

VIA VINZAGLIO, 27, Grosseto

The Museum is housed in the monumental complex of the former convent of the Poor Clares (late sixteenth century). The laboratory was created to communicate the...


Museo di storia naturale della Maremma

Corsini, 5, Grosseto

The Museum is built (as of the Museum of Natural History of Grosseto) with the purpose of documenting the natural reality of the Maremma and to turn the work of...



Via dei Ruderi, Grosseto

The excavations allow us to see large sections of the walls (about 3 km), part of polygonal high up to 5 meters (VI-II c. BC), the remains of the Roman city (hole,...


Museo archeologico e d'arte della Maremma

Baccarini, 3, Grosseto

The birth of the museum dates back to 1865 and is linked to the figure of Canon Giovanni Chelli, who began to have the library open to the public from him various...