Santuario della Madonna di Barbana

santuario barbana, Grado (Gorizia)

Sanctuary of the Madonna of Barbana dates back to 582, when a violent storm threatened the city of Grado and had a church erected where the image of Madonna had...

Museo Lapidario del Duomo di Santa Eufemia


Laguna di Grado

laguna di grado, Grado (Gorizia)

Lagoon of Grado occupies an area of about 90 square kilometers and is divided into an eastern sector (Palù de sora) and a western one (Palù de soto) from the dam on...

Battistero di Grado

Calle Corbatto, 1, Grado (Gorizia)

Baptistery of Grado is an early Christian monument that rises in historical center of the city, next to Basilica of Sant'Eufemia. It has an octagonal shape, with a...

Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie

Campo Dei Patriarchi, 5, Grado (Gorizia)

Paleo-Christian Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie overlooks Campo dei Patriarichi, a few steps from Baptistery and Basilica of Santa Eufemia. The first building...


Grado is an important tourist and thermal center, also known as "Isola del Sole" and, for its particular history, as "the First Venice". The territory extends...


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