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Where Giarre (Catania)
Giarre (Sicilian: Giarri) is an Italian town and comune on the east coast of Sicily in the province of Catania. In 2010 its population was 27,785. History Some historians suppose that the ancient Greek city of Kallipolis was situated in the same territory of the present-day town of Giarre, but nowadays there is no relevant proof of it. Since the late 16th century until 1815 Giarre was a village of the county of Mascali. During the fascist era Giarre was joined to Riposto under the name of Jonia, but separated again in 1945. Geography Giarre is bounded by the municipalities of Acireale, Mascali, Milo, Riposto, Sant'Alfio, Santa Venerina and Zafferana Etnea. It forms a conurbation with the coastal town of Riposto. Its frazioni are Altarello, Carruba, Macchia, Miscarello, San Giovanni Montebello, San Leonardello, Santa Maria la Strada, Sciara and Trepunti. Main sights The neo-classical cathedral, begun in 1794, is dedicated to the Spaniard St. Isidore, patron of Madrid. Other sights include: Oratory of St. Filippo Neri (18th century) Sanctuary of Maria Santissima della Strada, the oldest church in the town (dating to 1081). Today little remains of the original medieval structure, having been replaced by a neoclassicist edifice. Museum of Uses and Customs of the Etna people Mediterraneum Aquarium Giarre has attracted attention for its numerous unfinished buildings and amenities, initiated with public money in the 1990s but never used. A small number have been converted to other uses, including a multi-storey car park; residents also see the prospect of some tourism, as the town has come to be regarded as the centre this style of urban planning. Criticism Once famed for its wine producing hills that went down to the port below for export, Giarre now has a more negative image; the city now hosts the largest number of uncompleted public projects in the country – 25 in total, which is one for every 1,000 inhabitants. Some locals are so shocked by the waste that they have proposed promoting Giarre’s excess as a tourist attraction. A hospital in the city has taken more than 30 years to build, an Olympic sized swimming pool has been sunk but not finished and the construction of a theatre that has been started and stopped 12 times are just some examples of the problems faced. Twin towns Cismon del Grappa, Italy See also Giarre F.C. Giarre-Riposto References External links Media related to Giarre at Wikimedia Commons
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