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La Capannina

Where Via Achille Franceschi, Forte dei Marmi (Lucca)

La Capannina is a historian local in Forte dei Marmi, very famous in the sixties and seventies. Opened in August 1929, when Achille Franceschi, innkeeper of the place, he set up a hut on the beach, it was a great success from the start, becoming a meeting place for nobles (Della Gherardesca, Rospigliosi, Rucellai, Sforza, Spartacus Manni), intellectuals (Montale, Ungaretti, Primo Levi and Leonida Repaci) and leaders of the fascist regime (Ettore Muti, Italo Balbo). In short, La Capannina became one of the most prestigious gatherings of Italian summer. After the great fire of 1939, it was completely rebuilt and designed by Maurizio Tempestini. In the years of the economic boom, the local hosted performances of national and international artists in vogue (Edith Piaf, Patty Pravo, Ray Charles, Peppino di Capri, Fred Bongusto, Gloria Gaynor) and had as guests the most industrial of the moment. After the heyday, it was ceded to Gherardo and Carla Guidi, who still run the club in the tradition. Over the years, the venue was the setting for several films.

La Capannina c
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