Luogo - Historical building

Forte Lorenese

Where Via Spinetti, 41, Forte dei Marmi (Lucca)

Lorraine Fort, also called "fortress", is a military building located in the town center of Forte dei Marmi. Made in the eighteenth century by the Lorena, with defensive functions and sighting communicated by emitting light signals with the Cinquale and Motrone Forts. It looks like a quadrangular complex consisting of two buildings huddled together: the main one, also used for housing functions, culminating with a small bell tower at the center. On one long side, the building is set against a rampart with base shoe, which culminates with a terrace for the sentries. When Forte dei Marmi acted as a port for the transport of marble by sea, the Fort was used as a warehouse; during the fascist period, as the Fascist House. Now houses the Museum of Satire and Caricature.

Forte Lorenese c
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