Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa del Carmine o Madonna del Carmelo (già di San Francesco d'Assisi)

Where SP45, 26, Fiumefreddo Bruzio (Cosenza)

It was built outside the walls in the second half of '200. Church is, in its original construction system, one of the few monumental treasures of Calabria. We can admire Gothic portal with three Gothic columns, whose arch contrasts with round arch which occupies the upper part of the facade, surmounted by a rose window. The nave, covered with exposed trusses, reflects Gothic spirit in verticality of the space. Near the entrance there is Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua, remodeled Manneristically with bow and eaves, covered by a "pine cone" dome; on the other side, next to the presbytery, Immaculate Chapel, which shows overlapping of different styles. But real artistic value of Church are medians chapels, at whose corners you can see traces of ancient ribs that supported the vaults with four capitals. In 1806 Church was used as shelter of Napoleon's troops, in 1842 was only a temporary cemetery and in 1908 was consecrated to the cult of Carmel. Adjoining convent was completely destroyed.

*By Franco Del Buono.

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