Luogo - Castle

Castello della Valle

Where Via Castello, Fiumefreddo Bruzio (Cosenza)

Fiumefreddo was conquered in 1054 by Robert the Guiscard, who saw to fortify it. With Walls also stood the fortress (Norman tower). Castle is located in the upper part of the town (south-east), on impregnable natural cliffs of Scuro valley. A stone fence separated it from the town and a drawbridge served as the northern entrance, with a fine portal. A spiral staircase led to the upper floors, where there was the residence of feudal lord. In 1098 feudal authority passed to Simone de Mamistra, author of a first enlargement of the building. They still see the remains of two circular towers of '500 replaced Swabian invoice. Few rooms still have the floor, on the facade resist some beautiful tuff windows. The underground rooms, largely recovered, have been subject of archaeological excavations and now are used as exhibition rooms and hall conference. The elevation was reduced to current state of ruin during Napoleonic occupation. On February 12, 1807, Castle was bombarded by two artillery pieces. Added value of Castle consists of valuable work of Sicilian painter Salvatore Fiume. It was August 12, 1975 when the artist, at the height of his fame, inspired wandered among the ruins of the building. Fiume wanted to pay homage to the place with a first cycle of murals (now lost because of the weather) on surviving walls, a composition of multiple scenes. In 1996, the first painted room was equipped with roof and Fiume would repaint it by a new cycle, giving the title of "Room's desires". In scenes, predominantly naturalistic, also they find place the figure of Pavarotti, to symbolize his presence in Fiumefreddo, and the artist's self-portrait with Zaù.

*By Franco Del Buono.

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