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Largo Torretta

Where Largo Torretta, 1, Fiumefreddo Bruzio (Cosenza)

Largo Torretta, along with Rupe Largo and Piazzetta Santa Domenica, is one of three scenic squares of Fiumefreddo, the main, initially conceived with a sighting and defense purposes against pirate attacks. Largo Torretta has a 360° facing and is distinguished by other lookout points for the presence of so-called "distractors", architectural elements in a strategic position on the rail the profile of which, in the distance, it can be easily mistaken for a human shape, or a sentry. On the square facing Town Hall (formerly Convent of Minimi) and Clock Tower from which space itself is named. Even here you can see a work by the artist Salvatore Fiume, "La ragazza del surf", monumental fountain that wants to be yet another tribute to the woman, in which undefined facial features each woman can identify with, as well as a tribute to the sea that is background.

*Thanks for her contribution to City Guide, Alessandra Porto.

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