Luogo - Religious building

Duomo, museo e Pinacoteca

Where Piazza Pierobon, Cittadella (Padova)

The Cathedral was built between 1774 and 1826 by three famous architects, one of whom, Domenico Cerato, also designed Prato della Valle in Padova. The sacristy hosts an art gallery with important paintings including “La Cena in Emmaus” (The supper in Emmaus) by Jacopo da Ponte, “Lamento sul Corpo di Cristo” (Mourning on the dead Christ) by Andrea da Murano, “La Flagellazione” (Flagellation) ascribed to Palma il Giovane. The belltower hosts a very special museum of religious art which shows all the art pieces which have been exposed in the cathedral. It is a very rich and heterogeneous heritage of sacred objects for liturgical use like altarpieces and goldsmith’s art as well as paintings, statues and inscriptions.

Cathedral and Art Gallery
 Piazza Pierobon
 9-12 / 15:30 – 18:30

Museum of the Cathedral
 via Marconi, 5
 Admission inside the shop “Bottega del Mondo” which is organized by volunteers, the opening hours therefore may vary.
 9:30 – 12 / 16 – 19
 Closed on Mondays and Tuesday afternoons

Duomo c
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