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Porta Bassanese

Where Via Porte Bassanesi, Cittadella (Padova)

This gate is the most fortified and important part of the ramparts. It constituted the extreme defense of the community and was therefore isolated even towards the town centre by a moat which was ingeniously connected with the outer moat. It consisted in a system of 5 gates, 3 towards the outside and 2 towards the town centre caracterized by drawbridges and portcullis. This whole complex included the Captain’s house, premises for the garrisons, stores, well, oven and other services. The 30 m high keep still nowadays offers a wonderful view of the surroundings.
On the wall towards the town centre the keep is decorated with a fresco which represents the cart of the Carraresi family and next to it the coat of arms of Padova.
Inside the complex we find the Captain’s House. During its restoration frescoes from the time of the Carraresi, the Sanseverino, the Malatesta and the Borromeo were found. A frescoed hall can be visited, you will find a setting of medieval daily life.

Today the Captain’s House hosts  the tourist office of Cittadella.

Porta Bassanese c
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