Edificio storico

Palazzo Cassa di Risparmio

Corso Marrucino, 102, Chieti

With a small facade in Classical style, it was designed to accommodate an institutional office following the Unification of Italy and presents a  twentieth century...

Edificio di culto

Chiesa di San Domenico

Corso Marriccino, 97, Chieti

The Church of St. Dominic was built in the seventeenth century. Originally dedicated to the Virgin and St. Anne, assumed its present name in the early nineteenth...

Edificio storico

Palazzo della Camera di Commercio

Corso Marrucino, 125, Chieti

The building dates back to the '30s and is inspired by the town halls of the Italian Middle Ages, particularly the presence of a tower at the center of the main...

Area Archeologica

Teatro Marrucino

Via Cesare de Lollis, 15, Chieti

The Theater was built at the decision of Decurionate of Chieti to overcome the lack of seating in the Old Theatre, dating from the second half of the eighteenth...

Area Archeologica

Antica Teate - Anfiteatro Romano (Civitella)

Via Giuseppe Salvatore Pianell, 26, Chieti

At the foot of the Civitella hill extend important remains of ancient Teate. In addition to the sacred area, consisting of temples that stood on a podium accessible...

Area Archeologica

Sito Archeologico di Teate Marrucinorum

via delle Terme Romane, Chieti

The Roman town named Teate was founded on a hill between the rivers Pescara and Alento, in a place inhabited since the prehistory. The area developed considerably in...


Museo d'Arte "Costantino Barbella"


The Museum of Art "Costantino Barbella", housed in the seventeenth century Martinetti Palace, was born in the '70s thanks to the generous donations of contemporary...

Area Archeologica

Teatro Romano

Via di Porta Napoli, Chieti

Not far from the center of Chieti you can admire the ruins of the Theater dating from the first century AD. The buildings that surround it today, they have hidden all...

Edificio di culto

Chiesa di San Francesco

Corso Marrucino, 17, Chieti

St. Francis's Church is the most important church in Chieti from the history, art and architecture point of view, after the adjacent St. Justin's Cathedral. The...

Edificio di culto

Cattedrale di San Giustino

Via Domenico Ciampoli, 1, Chieti

Leaving aside the possibility of early Christian origins, the building probably dates back to 1069, built on the will of the bishop Attone I, but begins to take on...