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Historical building

Palazzo Giovanni Del Trono

Via Roma, 16, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Del Trono Palace is located in ancient "Chiazza" neighborhood, which once stretched out from City Walls. It was built at the behest of Giovanni Del Trono, member of one of the oldest and influential families of Cetraro, in 1842. The building, designed by architect Augusto Rocca di Paola, it is result of the amalgamation of existing causes and spread over two floors, with a square plant. The main facade, in local stone and brick, it opens onto a marble entrance portal; lateral ones are enriched by double rows of balconies. The exterior reflects, on the whole, typical neo-Classical style. In the entrance hall you can admire family coat of arms painted on the vault. On the ground floor there is a well preserved mill, recovered and set up to accommodate Mueo of Arts and Crafts.



Of ancient origins, Cetraro was probably the first maritime Bruzia city. There are several theories on its etymology: the most accepted approaches its name to abundant production of cedars and lemons (citrus from Latin and kitron from...