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Tempio Italico di Castel di Ieri

Where Castel di Ieri (L'Aquila)

Italic Temple of Castel di ieri is a place of worship of "peligni superequani". The remains are at the foot of a rocky wall where, in the past, this was a source. Archaeological Area, which includes two temples and covers 120x90 m, has been highlighted by Superintendence of Abruzzo since 1987. The oldest temple, Temple "B", dated to the IV by associated votive materials, presented a stone base with raised perishable materials. At a higher level of about 2 m it is partially superimposed a second building, Temple "A", dating from the second century BC and a monument in the next century, as evidenced by an inscription in the mosaic floor. The second temple are preserved the podium polygonal, covered with slabs of limestone and accessible from a front staircase. The tripartite cell was preceded by a deep portico with four columns with Ionic capitals. The three areas were paved with a mosaic, the central one with geometric motifs, and preserved on the walls traces of painted plaster. In the bottom of the cells were present small environments or niches closed by gates, where they were used to guard the objects of worship or archives and community treasure. Central cell retains the bottom stand for the cult statue. The second temple had a rich terracotta decoration, now kept at National Archaeological Museum of Abruzzo, in Chieti. They were also found fragments of probable cult statue, white marble and bronze statues, including a figure of Hercules.


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