Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico di Sibari

Strada Statale 106r, Cassano all'Ionio, (Cosenza)

The Archaeological Park of Sybaris is located in the town of Sibari, part of the territory of Cassano Ionio (CS). It's of one of the richest and most important cities...


Parco Avventura Sybaris Explora

Via Roma, Cassano all'Ionio, (Cosenza)

The Sybaris Explora Adventure Park offers a ludic-educational path for kids dedicated to the history and archeology of the area of Sybaris. The Park includes a...


Museo Archeologico Nazionale della Sibaritide

Cassano all'Ionio, (Cosenza)

The Museum is located near the archaeological site of Sybaris, in the municipality of Cassano Jonio. The exhibition presents the main contexts, monuments, materials...


Museo Diocesano

Piazza S. Eusebio, 1, Cassano all'Ionio, (Cosenza)

The Diocesan Museum is located in the prestigious building next to the episcopate. It houses the most important finds of sacred art from the churches of Cassano:...