Carmignano, (Prato)
Carmignano is a comune (municipality) of c. 12,000 inhabitants in the province of Prato, part of the Italian region Tuscany. It is located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) west of Florence and about 10 kilometres (6 mi) southwest of Prato. It is the centre of the wine region of the same name.GeographyCarmignano borders the following municipalities: Capraia e Limite, Lastra a Signa, Montelupo Fiorentino, Poggio a Caiano, Prato, Quarrata, Signa, Vinci.VillagesArtimino (Carmignano)BaccheretoBarchetto della PinetaCapezzanaCastelvecchio(Carmignano)Colle NovelliComeana (Carmignano)GrumaggioI RenacciIl PinoneLa SerraLazzeraLe BarcheLe FarneteLe GinestreMalinociPianettoPietramarinaSan Martino (Carmignano)Santa Cristina a MezzanaSeanoSpazzavento (Carmignano)Stazione (Carmignano)Verghereto (Carmignano)VerrucolaMain sightsThe most important attraction of the town is the church of San Michele e Francesco (12th century), which houses a "Visitation" by the Renaissance master Pontormo.The 10th century Rocca (Castle), in the upper part of the town, is well preserved. The frazione of Comeana is home to several Etruscan tombs (such as the Tumulus of Montefortini), while at Artimino is a Medicean villa.ChurchesAbbey of San MartinoChapel at Villa Le FaleneChapel at Villa le FarneteLittle church in CastelvecchioLittle church of Toia in BaccheretoChapel at the Institute of the Sisters StigmataSan Leonardo parish church in ArtiminoOratory of the Virgin and Holy Cross in VerrucolaOratorio of San Francesco in Le GinestreOratory of San Jacopo in CapezzanaOratory of Sant'Antonio at Villa NovelliSanti Michele e Francesco in CarmignanoSan Giusto in Il PinoneSan Lorenzo in MontalbioloSan Michele in ComeanaSan Pietro in SeanoSan Pietro in VergheretoSanta Cristina in Santa Cristina in MezzanaSanta Maria in ArtiminoSanta Maria Assunta in Bacchereto]VillasVilla in barchetto della PinetaMedici Villa in ArtiminoVilla Amata in VerrucolaVilla Batisti in CarmignanoVilla Batisti-Orlandi in CarmignanoVilla Brandani in CarmignanoVilla di CapezzanaVilla Casale in CarmignanoVilla Cremoncini in CarmignanoVilla della Costa in CarmignanoVilla della Rocca in CarmignanoVilla di Calavria in ComeanaVilla di Grumaggio in GrumaggioVilla di Pianetto in PianettoVilla Elena in Il PoggioloVilla I Boschetti in La SerraVilla I Renacci in I RenacciVilla La Torre in CarmignanoVilla Le Falene in Le FarneteVilla Le Farnete in Le FarneteVilla Novelli in Colle NovelliVilla Olmi in CarmignanoVilla Ramponi in CarmignanoVilla Rinfreschi in CastelvecchioVilla san Michele in CarmignanoVilla Vittoria in LazzeraFestivalsFestival of San Michele and Palio of Donkeys in Carmignano (September-October)Old Fair in Carmignano 4-11 (December)Festival of the New Wine in Artimino (October)Welcome Dried Fig ("Benvenuto Fico Secco") in Carmignano (October)Comeana Fair (July)Procession Commemorating the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ in Comeana (July every 3 years, last in 2012)Festival of the Threshing in Seano (July)The Fly and the Moon in Carmignano (October)Festival of the Chestnut in Bacchereto (October)Festival of the Cherry in Bacchereto (July)Festival of Polenta, Porcini and Boar in Poggio alla Malva (September)GalleryReferencesExternal linksOfficial websiteEvents in Prato and its province

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